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Climate changes refer to all transformations of the usual weather patterns. According to the degree of the transformation the changes can occur in a few decades or over millions of years. The natural elements that affect these changes include oceanic pressure, solar radiations, biotic processes, volcanic eruptions or the movement of the tectonic plates. However the most influential factor that has affected the current weather transformations is the human modifications of the environment. In order to understand the effects of these transformations we must go beyond the climate change definition. Adapting to the environment is an essential survival skill for all species. However humans are blessed with a superior intelligence. Because of this advantage they have been able to change the environment according to their desires. The effects of this changes reflect in the climate transformations.

According to the climate change definition, the whether changes take place in time thus allowing the environment to adapt. NASA studies and simulations have allowed scientists to predict the future effects of whether transformation. According to these prediction by the year 2100 climate changes will produce significant transformations in earth’s biosphere. Ecosystems will be unable to resist the climate transformations and will be forced to relocate in order to survive. Although it is quite common for the earth to undergo severe climate changes, these modifications are usually part of a balanced cycle. However, the increasing effects on human actions over the environment are rapidly speeding the climate changes. The rising levels of human produced greenhouse gases are accelerating global worming. Therefore although a lot of species are capable of migrating and adapting to new environments they may not be able to keep up with the speed of the changes.

In the last couple of decades the climate change definition has been linked with global warming. Scientist and environmental organizations around the world have tried to raise awareness over the rapidly changing environment. Although there are a lot of visible effects correlated with the climate change definition( such as melting glaciers that raise the sea levels), most people claim that the earth is able to regenerate itself and therefore there is no real danger. Although there is truth in that statement, the regeneration of the earth is not connected to the survival of life species. The upcoming changes will require animals as well as humans to adapt or migrate. A lot of species will be unable to do so and will therefore be extinct.

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