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Nowadays, it is hard to learn from books and from previous experiences the others have had. So, in order to have a hundred per cent activity in class and also to teach efficiently, teachers have discovered a way to make life science interactive: now, the students are allowed to cut, feel, and see with their own eyes and sometimes to smell the subject they are working on. Now, in order to leave something behind those experiments, students are taught how to do a worksheet.

A worksheet consists on writing a headline which refers to the subject the class is dealing with. In this case, the next step would be obviously to make an introduction connected to the main topic, such as plant or animal cells. You are also required to note down all the materials and tools you have used during the experiment and a process followed step-by-step which you have done in order to finish the experiment involving life science and also, the time which is required. This process is for teachers, so you as a teacher need to invent a tricky question which would probably start a brainstorming on the students.

Next, decide if you are going to make groups of students or you are going to let them work separately. Take into account also the fact that working on a team is always beneficial as the life science, especially on such an experiment, where all those minds interfering one with another could bring out an amazing discovery. Also, collect all the materials your students need to make the experiment from other labs and watch them closely – you do not want to have an incident during the class. Next, pass out the worksheet and explain to the students what they have to do. In plus, during the experiment, watch closely their implication into it and note down their reactions when finishing the experiment. Even if this is not as simple as talking about men fashion, it will give a lot of interesting information to your students which are things that will surely count for their knowledge. Also, reward them with a grade which would share their implication and devotion and also keep always a good relation with your students. This will help both you and them to understand one other’s desires in order to meet the requirements and solutions.

An experiment is always a good chance of discovering something new and also to develop the students’ communication skills when working in a team. If observing a bad behavior, take some measures immediately to stop this way of behaving as soon as possible.

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