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The memory foam mattress was originally invented for space travel. You should know that you will never find mattresses completely made of memory foam, this technology can be coupled with foam or springs for example. Nevertheless, if you take a look at some online tops of the 2015 best mattresses, you will see that memory foam mattresses have become a popular choice among many consumers. But are they safe for us to use on a daily basis? In order to find out if memory foam mattresses are toxic or not, you must first understand the concept of a memory foam mattress. Find out below.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress is a special kind of mattress invented for use on spacecraft. Although these types of mattresses were not used as intended, as it were later modified and used as products to help people have a deep sleep at night and avoid back pain. Consumers can choose between a regular memory foam mattress or foam mattress. They are both spongy, but the first type of mattress is smaller and goes under your sheets. When you test it, you can feel it molding to your body curves. This is the same material sold in the memory foam pillows. The name refers to the way the foam mattress “remembers” the way you lay on it for a short time. Once the pressure is removed, it will slowly return to its original shape.

How does a memory foam mattress work?

A memory foam mattress has a relatively simple concept. The hardware is designed in the way that when pressure is applied, it hardens more, depending on the amount of pressure is used. It also adjusts depending on the temperature. If you leave a memory foam pillow in your car overnight during cold months, you will notice that in the morning is stiff as a board. When the foam is cold, it becomes more difficult to handle. When it is heated, it expands. Due to the pressure points on the body that create the most amount of heat on the mattress, these areas heat up and cool down shortly into providing more cushion. This relieves tension and pressure so you can relax and sleep better. It also relieves the pressure on your back. This is extremely useful for those with back or joint problems.

Are memory foam mattresses toxic?

Modern mattresses are generally made from metal springs nestled between the polyurethane foam or just the foam itself. What most people do not realize is that the polyurethane foam is made from petroleum, which evaporates at normal temperatures for long periods of time, constantly releasing chemicals in the air.Foam mattress can emit VOCs which most people seek to eliminate in other areas of their lives. And since so much of life is spent sleeping, this is not a trivial matter that you can overlook. Although the manufactures that produce polyurethane foam may insist that it is safe for consumers, other researchers noted that mattresses present environmental concerns, as well. Based on the research that we did on all types of mattresses, it seems that the 2015 best mattresses are the ones made of latex, which offer the same advantages as memory foam mattresses, but are a lot safer to use.

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