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Facts about the Sun

April - 8 - 2013

For ages, people have been interested on how the Earth has been formed. Likewise, they have been asking what Sun is and where did it come from. For kids of the third grader level, their curiosity has reached the limit, letting the Sun’s legend to get into their homes and lives. Many of them put interesting questions while attending the science classes, but unfortunately for them, they could not receive a satisfactory response. Though, some of them gave up asking about legends and started to focus what does play a major role on their lives; but for those who did not take off this trip, we are about to answer some questions which had not have the opportunity to be answered.

One fact is that a year has 365 days. But why people have chosen this number? Because this is the number of days the Earth takes to go all around the Sun, and also in its trip, the season chances on our planet because of its localization. The Sun is the one which provide us heat and light, two essential things without we could not live on the Earth, and also the gravity. How do you imagine our live without gravity? There would be a massive anarchy in the world and in the universe. Sun is a star from our galaxy.

It is a star just like all the others, but what provides importance to it is the fact that it is the closest star from our Solar System. It is made just of gases, so there is no solid material to stand on if you have ever dreamed of staying up on such a heated place. The Sun needs 26 days to make a complete rotation around its axis in comparison with our planet which needs only day for a complete rotation.

The star called Sun has a distance from Earth of 93 millions miles. With a mathematics calculation, if you drive with at least 60 miles per hour, you will be able to get there in 177 years. In this case, it is obvious no one would ever get close to this star, not only because of the long period of time, but because of its hotness. Also, it is the biggest thing from our galaxy and that is why all the planets orbit around it. The light from the sun needs eight minutes to reach the Earth.

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