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How Does a Dishwasher Work

January - 26 - 2015

Having to wash the dishes by hand is a chore that requires much effort, time and water, resulting in a costly activity. Therefore, the dishwasher comes as a practical solution for those who want to save time and money as it is a faster and more efficient way of having clean dishes. But, behind the performance, there is a technology that makes the dishwasher incredibly efficient and useful, something more than soaping and rinsing, and here is how a dishwasher works.

Outside the dishwasher

The dishwasher is a machine that cleans the dishes after humans load it with dishes, add detergent, set the required program and push the power button. The outside is simple, consisting of a stainless steel housing, a display or a panel with knobs for programs setting, depending on the model, and a door that leads to the interior of the tub that is divided in shelves and compartments that keep the dishes throughout the washing cycle. Although on the outside it seems very easy, inside the dishwasher there are components and technologies that work together to assure a proper cleaning.

Inside the dishwasher

First, a powerful jet of water removes the food remains and the burnt-on bits on the bottom of the dishes. Then, water is added, but the dishwasher is not fully filled with water, as it would be very consuming, instead only a small part of the basin is filled with water. After that, the heating elements of the dishwasher heat the water to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, just enough to remove the food scraps and the grease. If you check out some dishwashers reviews, you will notice that theĀ best dishwasher 2015 models heat the water more so that the plates are also sanitized, which is a great thing for those who have children. After the water jets, the detergent starts doing its job to wash the dishes, then the rinsing starts and the water is sprayed through some nozzles, just like you would water the garden with a hose and place your finger on the end, so that the pressure would be higher. The force of the water also rotates the arms that hold the spray jets, to assure a better coverage. Based on what we read in the latest reviews , theĀ best dishwasher 2015 models can even target a specific area of the dishwasher, where you can place the heavily soiled dishes that require more attention. When the washing and rinsing are over, the water pumps drain the water out to let the dishes dry. Some dishwashers have a drying cycle which implies hot air inside the tub to dry the water, but this feature means more energy consumption, which is best to avoid when buying a dishwasher. After the complete washing cycle is finished, there is not much left for you to do than relax and enjoy an evening off.

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