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How does a Snow Blower Work

November - 28 - 2014

Removing the snow during winter is a difficult chore for many who do not any great electric snow blowers and use snow shovels that requires time and effort. The snow blower is fast, efficient, easy to maneuver and needs little effort from you given the fact that it is an engine powered device. The working principle of this machine is relatively simple, implying a motor that runs an auger that gathers and crushes the snow that is then thrown through a chute. Whether you own a small unit that uses electricity to work, or a large gasoline powered device, they all serve the same purpose, namely get rid of the snow. Here is how a snow blower works in order to help you remove the snow in your yard.

Electric powered snow blowers

If you have a small clearing area and you don’t know which of the great electric snow blowers available on the market to choose, we advise you to opt for an electric one. Electric snow blowers are smaller that the gas powered models, which makes them a better choice for small and narrow places. A small paddle in the shape of a blade is driven by an electric motor either by a direct connection to the motor or through a v-belt and pulley system. The blade simply pulls the snow into the snow blower then throws it out of the front top through a chute. This type of devices is perfect for small and lightweight amounts of snow, not taller than four inches.

Single stage snow blowers

The single-stage models are powered by gas engines that help them scoop the snow and throw it off through the chute. The auger on this device touches the ground and can lift rocks at the same time with snow, which makes them unsafe on gravel surfaces. A single-stage snow blower can clear layers of snow up to 12 inches in height.

Two-stage snow blowers

For deeper snow, the two-stage snow blower is the perfect choice because they not only remove thicker layers of snow, but also throw the snow a greater distance and their auger does not touch the ground, which makes them safe to use on gravel surfaces.

Gasoline powered snow blowers

This model of snow blowers comes with the most features, such as an electric start or a seat you can ride on as you maneuver the snow blower. The discharge chute can be moved with the help of a remote crank handle or a small motor that runs from a battery and the device is really efficient in removing and throwing the snow as far as 50 feet. Whatever the setup you choose, the gasoline snow blower will remove the snow fast and easy without any effort from you.

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