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How Does an Infrared Heater Work

September - 14 - 2014

The infrared heat is the most common heat known to man because it is similar to the heat you feel when you lay in the sun and the rays touch your face and body. The main advantage of this for of heat is that it heats objects and bodies and not the air, which results in a most efficient and lasting warmth. If you read some infrared heater reviews, you will notice that these devices are also very durable and they come with affordable price tags. This is why there are many infrared heaters available and they are highly efficient, but how do they work based on the infrared technology?

Infrared heaters use radiant light to create heat

Infrared heaters operate using far infrared spectrum light that produces warmth similar to sun heat tuned between 9 and 14-micron meters, which is safe and healthy heating. The electromagnetic waves create movement in the molecules, causing them to release energy and to generate heat to the environment. The infrared heaters radiate rays of heat that are absorbed by objects and bodies in the room. While other heating systems require high amount of energy to heat the air in the room, the infrared heaters use a smaller amount of electricity to create smarter heat. The warmth in the air rises to the ceiling and is lost due to currents of cold air, but the infrared technology heats the objects that slowly release heat into the room. Therefore, instead of creating fragile warm air that is likely to disappear through opened doors, the infrared heaters transmit heat that is 50 % more efficient to the objects that furthermore release the heat into the room.

Infrared heaters provide with health beneficial heat

Infrared heat works similar to how the sun works to heat the earth using invisible rays that travel through the air to reach surfaces and objects, and not the air, which is a great benefit to the heat as well. Given that there is no heat air, there is no dry air in a room which is a good thing for the respiratory system. Also, there is no air circulation to create colds especially if there are children in the room and the infrared heaters do not use fans to throw and spread the heat in the room, since the heat radiates towards the objects. The infrared heat is the most healthy and beneficial form of heat, although many confuse it with harmful radiations. However, it has been proven that the infrared heaters do not harm the health or the environment, they produce instant and efficient heat and are more economical than any other heater available on the market.

That being said, if you need a supplementary heat source in a drafty room, check out some infrared heater reviews and invest in a durable unit that will keep your feet toasty, even in the coldest winter and in the draftiest home. Don’t forget that because of their properties, this type of heaters can also be used outdoors.

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