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Choosing the right place for your computer monitor can be a difficult task. When placed in the wrong position, the monitor can lead to several disorders, including back pain, shoulder pain and can even cause eye strain. We spend most of our lives in front of a computer, so positioning the computer monitor correctly it’s quite important. Whether you use it for work or personal reasons, you need to adjust its position in order to be comfortable while working on it. To understand more about this aspect, keep on reading the following guidelines. These steps will help you determine the ideal ergonomic position for your monitor.

Center your monitor

As you probably know the best position for your computer monitor is in front of you. Placing the device to the left or right of your visual area can cause headaches and neck pains. Due to twisting and awkward position, you can even suffer from shoulder pain. However, if you occasionally use your monitor, you can place it to the side. If you are one of those people who interact with others across a desk, you may want to keep your monitor to the side, so it’s recommended to opt for a monitor swivel arm. Most specialists advise us to place the computer’s monitor at eye level. Therefore, keep in mind an important aspect: if your monitor is larger than 20 inches, then you must place it 3 inches above eye level. However, this can be easily accomplished in two ways: either trying to adjust your chair up and down or lower your monitor. Actually, it doesn’t matter how you will do that, but your eye level must be about 2-3 inches below the top of the monitor. This way, it won’t be necessary to tilt your head forward or back all the time. Keep in mind that if you wear trifocals or bifocals lenses while using the computer, it’s recommended to position the monitor a few inches lower than normal.

Be aware of your windows

When positioning your computer’s monitor, it’s very important to avoid window glare that often causes discomfort. You can check the monitor for glare if you turn it off and examine if there is any reflection visible on it. Since the glare of the outside can create an uncomfortable situation, make sure you don’t you don’t place the computer right in front of the window. Moreover, you should know that the glare can be caused from the overhead lights as well. However, if you are in this situation and this is something you cannot avoid, you should consider buying an anti-glare screen.

Balance the brightness of your computer’s monitor

As you probably know, these days, most people, especially gamers enjoy spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Since they spend hours playing video games, they must take into account several things. For example, they should adjust the monitor’s brightness. The must eliminate the contrast between the brightness of the monitor and its surroundings. Brightness can lead to headaches and vision issues, including fatigue and squint. That’s why it’s so important to adjust the brightness of your computer’s monitor.

Take a look at the font size and color

Whether you use the monitor for work or game, you need to adjust the font size and color. According to several specialists, it’s very important to use black text on a white background because it is much easier to read. Furthermore, the size of the text has to be two times the size of the smallest text that you are able to read.

What about a swivel arm

There is nothing more important than having a chair with wheels and a swivel arm. The ability to swivel your monitor is more than a necessity. It is something that any monitor should have. It is extremely useful especially for those people who interact with other people because you can move it wherever you want.

Keyboard Placement

When you use the computer, you need your keyboard and mouse to be as close together as possible. The keyboard must be placed in front of you. Most keyboards have the number pad on the right. They are asymmetrical and must be placed in the center of your desk. However, with an adjustable seat, the things are a bit different. If your chair is adjustable, you can put your keyboard and mouse in a myriad of ways. However, they must be placed in front of you, so you are not bending your wrists to type.

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