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Writing a science journal requires a good knowledge on the main topic and also a good understanding of the subject. First thing you need to take into account is the subject of the article – if being a scientific one, a literature brief or a review article. Depending on that you will be able to follow a straight line in order to answer to all the requirements.

Make various experiments for getting a true response and make a statistic on what you are trying to convince. Even if you have a lot to say when doing such an experiment, such as the products and substances used, the field in which you have done the experiment and the persons involved, try to summarize as much as possible in a graphic, table or in any other convenient forms.

Remake the experiment or the experiments for stronger results and write down all the observations. After this process finishes, write the conclusions above the experiment page and you may go and ask for opinions. Be careful though, choose some wise and clever persons in order to provide you a straight feed-back and also, not to steal your idea. You know better who your friends are. Now, to fill in the science journal, follow a straight formal type of article. Begin with a description of your experiment, talking about where, how and in who’s company you did it. Also, note down the statistics and results you got from dealing with the experiment, and make your conclusion using a list of references for make it more realistic.

Next, make a summary of you experiment which will go to the head of the article. Also, do not forget to use an academic language and to write down your name with an academic affiliation as the author. It will ensure readers of not stealing the science journal from another writer. This is not the only journal which needs to respect this standard; the literature journal has to, as well, because it provides the fact that the person who did all the research is in the knowledge of this experiment. It is always a pleasure to receive someone’s feedback, so if you want to get better chances to be accepted or to win a specific competition, you need to ask a friend of a relative who is in the known of the subject to share his opinion with you.

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