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For ages, people have wondered if the sky is the limit. They concluded that it is not, that above the sky something is hiding and so they discovered the universe which has obviously more and more hidden secrets. In this case, what did they discovered by resolving a puzzle? Two million more puzzles which are waiting for someone who can solve them. Of course, that genius has not been born yet, but a team of scientists can be able to organize a genius organization which would probably resolve all the mysteries the universe hides for ages.

People did not reach the stage to visit any other planets, but a mission is being planned for Mars to be observed closely by the savants. This mission will take place in the year 2035, and will consist in two years of researches closely on the Mars planet. Well, the astronauts who will be able to go to Mars are wisely chosen. All of them want to walk on Mars, but only the best of them will get this privilege. The first tests candidates have to pass are the psychological tests, which consists in staying in an isolated camera and playing with the origami art. This is not a game, however, but a wisely chosen test. Every candidate has to make 1000 cranes using the origami art. After this process is finished, a group of psychologists have to analyze all the cranes, and to remark the difference if there is any between the first and the last 10 cranes. Psychologists say that this test is one of the best to see how candidates would reaction on a stressed situation when going to Mars. Most of them have failed this test, because they have demonstrate the fact that being kept alone in a solitary room provides nothing just impatience.

The trip to Mars has various bad views, and also the fact that once in the racket, it is impossible to give up; there are not more that 2% in the entire population to have passed this test. Also, the boredom the astronauts may interfere with because of no other medium might play with their minds, and finally will make them mentally sick. Another bad point of this trip is the delay of 20 minutes any interference with the Earth will experiment. But back to the point, all this stuff is for the professionals.

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