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Mobility scooters sound like great devices. They are designed for disabled people, for people with mobility problems or for people with heart problems who are not supposed to exhaust themselves. Their use allows many people to be more independent and improve the quality of their life. Nevertheless, given the constantly rising number of mobility scooters spotted on streets, one can’t help but wonder whether all the mobility scooter users depend on these devices of they simply use them out of indolence. Let’s dig deeper into the matter and see when these devices are misused and what are the positive and negative impacts of these vehicles on the life of their users.

Who should use mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters should mainly be used by people with impaired mobility. Whether these people are completely disabled, or they simply have problems walking long distances, the mobility scooters can make their lives a lot easier. Nevertheless, a person who can still walk should not abuse an electric mobility scooter. If you need to go shopping and the shop is very far away, by all means use the scooter. Nevertheless, if the shop is in walking distance and your health allows you to go there by foot, some exercise might do you good. This is particularly important for overweight people. Even if you have heart problems and you find yourself getting fatigued very fast, you should not rule out walking altogether. Walking is the best type of exercise and all people should walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Take as many breaks as you need, but don’t give up on walking while you are still capable of doing it.

Positive impacts of mobility scooters

Using an electric mobility scooter can allow a person with mobility impairments to have a certain degree of independence. This has a very positive impact on the mental health. People who stay isolated indoors due to their illnesses will only aggravate their health problems. Social engagement is important for all people as it can prevent depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. A mobility scooter will give a physically impaired person not only the ability to care for their daily needs, but also the ability to stay connected to friends, to perform outdoor activities and much more. Just because you are not as strong as you used to be, this doesn’t mean that you can’t walk your dog or read a nice book in the park.

Negative impacts of mobility scooters

For starters, a lot of people who use electric mobility scooters, seniors in particular know very little about these devices. A recent scandal in Britain showed an alarming number of people who were using class 3 mobility scooters without having them licensed or insured. Moreover, knowing how to operate any type of scooter is essential for the users’ safety as well as the safety of foot passengers. While they are not enforced by law, there are certain facilities that allow customers the opportunity to take mobility scooter driving tests. These tests should not be optional, but since they are, it is up to your civic duty whether or not you take them. Moreover, as we already mentioned, a lot of people who use mobility scooters can still walk (even though most do it with effort). While scooters are very convenient, they do promote a sedentary lifestyle which can lead to more serious issues, such as heart of back problems. If you are using a mobility scooter, make sure you still exercise daily. If you can’t use your legs at all, do upper body exercises. Moreover, invest in a quality scooter with a comfortable chair that provides a good back support.

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