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The earth’s atmosphere composition

October - 10 - 2013Comments Off on The earth’s atmosphere composition

The two most abundant gases found in the atmosphere composition are nitrogen and oxygen. These gases are highly responsible for maintaining life on earth. While other elements are found in smaller amounts they all have a designated purpose. The ozone for example is responsible for protecting the earth against the sun’s radiations.

Climate change definition, causes and effects

September - 3 - 2013Comments Off on Climate change definition, causes and effects

The climate change definition is nowadays related to global worming. The effects of this transformation are being advertised around the world but few people bother to care. However this accelerated climate change will soon force plant communities, animals and humans to adapt to new environments. Furthermore some species will not be able to keep up with the changes and will be extinct.

The big bang theory-facts and assumptions

June - 3 - 2013Comments Off on The big bang theory-facts and assumptions

The big bang is the most widely accepted theory regarding the formation of the universe. It is based on some general assumptions as well as on various scientific experiments. The basic idea is that before the big bang the universe was an extremely hot and dense point in space. Powered by an unknown force it started to expand with high speed, and in time the randomly scattered mattered started to merge giving birth to different celestial bodies.

The water cycle

April - 15 - 2013Comments Off on The water cycle

The water cycle is not a process that can be monitored accurately. Although there are a lot of factors that can influence it, the cycle can be divided into four major phenomenons: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and runoff. These are the main phases through which water passes in order to travel the earth.

How to get a computer science job

April - 11 - 2013Comments Off on How to get a computer science job

A computer science job requires a lot of devotion and knowledge of the subject. It is a job that has been released on the market and now there are lots of applicants who would like to be accepted. Though, this job involves experience and good commutation skills, which just a professional has. Furthermore, the skills […]

How to write a science journal

April - 8 - 2013Comments Off on How to write a science journal

Writing a science journal requires a good knowledge on the main topic and also a good understanding of the subject. First thing you need to take into account is the subject of the article – if being a scientific one, a literature brief or a review article. Depending on that you will be able to […]

Facts about the Sun

April - 8 - 2013Comments Off on Facts about the Sun

For ages, people have been interested on how the Earth has been formed. Likewise, they have been asking what Sun is and where did it come from. For kids of the third grader level, their curiosity has reached the limit, letting the Sun’s legend to get into their homes and lives. Many of them put […]

Collecting information with the right web scraping program

November - 5 - 2012Comments Off on Collecting information with the right web scraping program

Online platforms have become an integral part of any business activity. Any company that is intended to be relevant in the business world needs to establish a strong presence in the online environment, it needs an appealing website filled with niche information that attracts prospective clients and turns them into loyal consumers. In today’s hectic […]

Earth Atmosphere Facts

September - 8 - 2012Comments Off on Earth Atmosphere Facts

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administrations, the Atmosphere is divided in some major layers, which provide out existence.  All of them differ in composition and in effects, so every one of them must receive a different usage. First on the list is the atmosphere’s composition. Here, we have 78% nitrogen gas and 21% […]

Lynas Corporation Ltd

July - 19 - 2012Comments Off on Lynas Corporation Ltd

Environmental protection can be realized only with the help of Rare Earths and the process goes on. Lynas Corporation Ltd, Malaysia, is the biggest company in the world that takes care of this issue. Global warming is a serious issue that has been largely discussed all around the world. One of the factors that influence […]

How to Organize Life Science Lab Activities

December - 16 - 2011Comments Off on How to Organize Life Science Lab Activities

Nowadays, it is hard to learn from books and from previous experiences the others have had. So, in order to have a hundred per cent activity in class and also to teach efficiently, teachers have discovered a way to make life science interactive: now, the students are allowed to cut, feel, and see with their […]

Earths Moon

December - 9 - 2011Comments Off on Earths Moon

The Moon has been formed thanks to a giant impact after which the Moon and the Earth have taken their roles. The Moon is very small in comparison with Earth for instance; it is 420 miles wide and also, it is made from iron, sulfur and other components. The lunar surface by weight is 43% […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Science Jobs

December - 5 - 2011Comments Off on Top 10 Highest Paid Science Jobs

When we are talking about science jobs, the very first thing that interferes with our mind is the high salary you may get. Though, if you have a special intellectual capacity you may understand that any job can provide both mental and financial satisfaction. What’s important is that you enjoy what you do and that […]

What is engineering?

November - 18 - 2011Comments Off on What is engineering?

Engineering is the art of applying all the knowledge we know so far. The persons who interfere with this specific work are the engineers. The first time when the term of engineering has been mentioned was back in the 1325, so this whole process dates back from that time and goes straight to the modern […]

How to become a Mechanical Engineer

November - 17 - 2011Comments Off on How to become a Mechanical Engineer

When it comes to speak about the construction of some vehicles and structures, then we are dealing with Mechanical Engineering. It is the application of many science fields such as physics, as well as the components used for. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer is not always simple, but following a straight line since the college will […]

Mars, the first “station” on the way to future

October - 25 - 2011Comments Off on Mars, the first “station” on the way to future

For ages, people have wondered if the sky is the limit. They concluded that it is not, that above the sky something is hiding and so they discovered the universe which has obviously more and more hidden secrets. In this case, what did they discovered by resolving a puzzle? Two million more puzzles which are […]