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Despite the fact that it is used in many heating systems, infrared technology is a mystery for most people. Most of us studied infrared light in science class, but since we had few encounters with this type of light, we forgot all about it. In simple terms, infrared light is the type of light responsible for the feeling of warmth. Contrary to popular belief, the warmth of the sun is not only the result of an overall heated atmosphere, but also the result of coming in contact with infrared light. This type of light does not heat the air around it, but the objects and people within its range. This is why people are not cold when skying on sunny days. Despite the cold temperatures found at high altitudes, the infrared light reflected by the snow creates a perfect sunbathing environment.

Is infrared heating a green energy source?

The eco-friendly nature of infrared heating is debatable as it does require an additional energy source. The best infrared heater models are electrical. What makes these heaters green is the fact that they don’t burn any gases and the heating process does not release any toxic byproducts. Furthermore, as we mentioned above, infrared light does not heat the air surrounding it, but the objects and people that it reaches. Heating air is a lot more difficult and requires a bigger capacity. Heaters that work by heating the air around them consume a lot more energy than infrared heaters.

Which are the best infrared heater models?

As we mentioned above, the best infrared heater models are the infrared electric heaters. These types of heaters are even more efficient (from an energy consumption point of view) if they feature quartz elements. Quartz is very useful in infrared heating systems because it can reach high temperatures very fast. As a result, about 95% of the energy consumed by quartz infrared heaters is translated into actual heat and less than 5% is used for operating purposes.

Can infrared heaters help people save money on their utility bills?

Most people who buy infrared heaters, use them as supplements for the central heating system. As you can imagine, using an additional electric system cannot decrease one’s utility bills. The only way in which you can save money with the use of an infrared heater is by turning down the central heating system while running the infrared heater. Furthermore, in most parts of the world, central heating systems run on gas, which is a lot cheaper than electricity. Infrared heaters are only efficient in areas where electricity is cheaper than gas or gas is unavailable. These heaters are also very helpful for drafty rooms or outdoor locations. Since infrared heaters heat objects and people, their efficiency is in no way affected by drafts or wind.

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