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Besides water and a proper soil, plants need another vital element that enhances their growth and helps them develop properly and this vital element is the light. Most plants are green because they contain chlorophyll, a pigment that captures the light energy that the plants use to create their food. The whole process is complex and it takes time, but here is a short explanation of the way plants use light in order to grow.


The sun creates a huge amount of light that is collected by the plants’ leaves to help them grow, a process known as photosynthesis. Light is an essential element to the first stage of photosynthesis, a stage that is referred to as the light-dependent reaction of plants. At this stage, the plant’s chloroplast absorbs the energy from the light and converts it into chemical energy that will be later on used in the second stage of photosynthesis. This energy delivered by light is a main part of the creation of the nutrients that boost the plant’s growth, namely oxygen and carbohydrates.


Plants always look for light and bend their stems, flowers, and leaves to follow the light so that they will get as much light as possible, a movement called phototropism. This is why you should always place your plants in a sunny window if you are growing indoor plants, to help them receive the maximum amount of light from the sun. The amount of light a plant receives influences its growth and the flowering time, meaning the plants will bloom depending on the number of hours of light they will receive. Some plants will need less than 12 hours of light every day while others may need more light in order to flower.

Artificial light from Led grow lights

The sunlight is not the only type of light a plant can receive in order to grow, as there are situations when people grow plants indoors and provide them with artificial sources of light. If you take a look at some of the best led grow lights, you will see that these artificial light systems provide a type of light similar to the sunlight. The Led grow lights have been designed in order to deliver light to the plants grown indoors. These light systems create a complete spectrum of light that is absorbed by the plants in every stage of their growing process. The light has several wavelengths of different colors and the Led grow lights create these wavelengths for the indoor plants to absorb. The blue light or also known as cold light is used in the bushy stage of the plants while the red and orange light is used in the flowering stage of the plants. If you are curious about these artificial lights, you can try an experiment. Buy one of the best led grow lights 2016 products and use it on a seedling that you will grow indoors. Plant another seedling in a pot and place it in a place where it can benefit from plenty of natural light. See which of the seedlings grows faster. You might be surprised to see that the LED light is sometimes more efficient than the natural light.

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